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Success can always be broken down to the simplest principles and execution strategies: Buy four green houses, then one red hotel. You remember the game, right?

Governments may have to impose more measures to cool Toronto's housing market if prices remain "overheated" after the spring buying season, said Bank of Nova Scotia's Canadian banking head James O'Sullivan.
A new report suggests commercial real estate investors may shun America in favour of Canada because of a Trump effect that is generating concerns about the market south of the border. "The level of uncertainty that we see globally is at an all-time high.

As Our Clients, we help you with the purchase and sale (if necessary) of Your personal residential properties. Our experience has shown that most real estate salespeople / sales teams, categorize and pigeonhole people based on their demographic for expedience and volume. In other words, the Agent has their best interests above those that they serve.

However, as Our Clients, your consultation and execution strategies are crafted to accommodate your individual situation and lifestyle after an in-depth analysis. Our belief is that it is better to provide an exceptional and outstanding result for One Client than attain a mediocre result for 100.